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Site Links!

Here are the links to the various sites that are currently up and running that I maintain.

~~~~ Pocket Bishonen: Gotta catch em all! ~~~~
Oh my, look at this! I brought it back! It's the real thing all over again! Come catch someone yourself! [Open!!]

~~~~ DeadPortfolio ~~~~
My portfolio site. Examples of my web layout/coding skills mostly! [Open!]

~~~~ Deviantart ~~~~
My devart gallery. New works will be put here on a semi-regular basis! [Open!]

~~~~ FA ~~~~
Almost exclusively non-human art and possible mature pieces as well! [Open!]

~~~~ Commission DeadRook Studios ~~~~
Commission me! I do traditional art pieces, jewelry, digital art, charms, crochet, cosplay items/costumes, etc! You name it and I probably make it! [Open!]

~~~~ NickleThoughts ~~~~
A collection of wallpapers. Requests currently being taken, but please check the site to make sure that is the case before emailing! [Open!]

~~~~ DeadRook Studios Graphic Resources ~~~~
I have some time now and then and sometimes use it to screencap things I own. I also make graphics and free-use sites for personal use. Check out the pretty things! [Open!]

~~~~ Vengeful Skies ~~~~
Nobody has a decent shrine to Ryu Soma / Takuto Kaneshiro from Argento Soma! I know! I was horrified too! So I decided to make one, complete with extras! [OPEN!]

~~~~ Auryen's Shimmerings ~~~~
My cel gallery. Go and see the pretties I've collected ne? And make me some offers! I need cash! [Open!]

~~~~ Cels For Sale! ~~~~
Temporarily down. [In Process!]

~~~~ One-Shot! ~~~~
Temporarily down. [In Process!]

~~~~ FackPack! ~~~~
Temporarily down. [In Process!]